In order to be wise and good stewards of our investment, we must pre-order 750 units before we place our first order. Our aim is to reach this goal in the Fall of 2018, so that we can ship to you in the first quarter of 2019. Please complete the form below if you would like to pre-order your TILLSOS products. We will keep you informed of our progress through regular email messages. You will not be charged until the order is placed later this year.

Your till comes unassembled in 11 easy to put together pieces.  We are happy to assemble your till and lid for an additional charge.  Please see form below for details.  

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Please select all that apply. Buy your first till + lid for $59.99 and get the second for $49.99! PLEASE CHECK THE BOX OF THE TILLS YOU'D LIKE TO PRE-ORDER AND INDICATE QUANTITIES OF EACH IN THE BOX BELOW.