What others are saying

We've received overwhelming support of TillSOS from countless peers, colleagues, and well-respected spiritual and financial leaders. Read what they have to say below.



Executive Director of Downline Ministries

“Discipleship starts at home. I've not seen a better interactive and practical resource aimed at training children on the foundation of financial stewardship." 

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Director of Donor Relations, Christian Community Foundation

I am constantly asked by parents and grandparents for suggestions, tools or resources to assist them in teaching their children about stewardship.  In my 20 years of working at the foundation, this is the most exciting and creative idea I’ve seen to fill that need.


Ronnie COLLIER Stevens

Missionary Pastor, Moscow Russia

"Values are more easily developed than discovered.  What parents model is indelible and irreplaceable in shaping values in children.  TillSOS is an innovative art of inculcation that is visual, tactile, practical and biblical.” 

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Steve McDaniel

Estate Planning Attorney

"Few of us plan.  All of us fail. But giving our children at an early age  the tools to learn financial and life planning does more to assure that our children will learn from both failure and success and become all they can be in life. This is a is indeed a special learning tool."

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Ginna Rauls

JoyLife901 and Souther Reins Center for Equine Therapy

Watching the Kaye boys spend their time serving and loving on the special needs community shows they understand that stewardship is not just how you plan your giving of money but also how you spend your time.  The TillSOS tool can be a wonderful conversation starter and jumping off point for families.